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Montana Classic Teen Room

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 Stylewood Natural Wood Montana Classic Teen Room; It is made of spruce, pine and beech trees.

  V H W
Montana Classic Binary Bookcase 133 cm 215 cm 42 cm
Montana Classic Shelf 97 cm 20 cm 20 cm
Montana Classic Commode 56 cm 60 cm 38 cm
Montana Classic Dresser 97 cm 116 cm 51 cm
121 cm 193 cm 60 cm
Montana Classic 4-Door Wardrobe 210 cm 215 cm 60 cm
Montana Classic Bed 210 cm 120 cm 130 cm

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Stylewood, in 2003, 6,000 m² indoor area 10.000 m² area on Turkish-German has been established. Ayancık Ahşap's 80 years of experience combining the production of natural wood furniture, our brand, world trend trends to follow, reveals quality and modern products. Our brand of all wood raw materials You need Ayancık factory to install medium; Ayancık has the most potential potential spruce, pine and beech trees from German natural forests utilizes ...