Health from Nature

100% suitable for baby and maternity health, not subjected to any chemistry during the production phase

100% Natural Wood

With our completely massive and natural wood products; greatness, quality and wellness.

Discover the Nature of Comfort

With our solid and decorative products, bring the naturalness of the wood and the relaxing effect to your home.

Every Stage Reliable Designs

Natural wooden products that are made with antibacterial water-based paint and varnish, considering your health.

Why Wood?

  • It is natural and healthy. No process that affects carcinogens in other materials is found in natural wood. All products used in the assembly of our wooden products are natural. So you can easily choose both in the pregnancy period and later in your baby's room.
  • It has been proven physiologically and psychologically that the wood has a positive effect on human influence. Touching, touching and even seeing a certain level of comfort creates feelings of happiness and relaxation in people..
  • In addition to its non-bacterial structure, it is a perfect choice thanks to its insulation. Thanks to this structure, wood does not feel hot or cold. The negative effects of plastic and its alternatives on contact due to electrostatic charge hold do not make natural wood feel.


Ayancık Ahşap, our main organization, is an important asset that is recognized in the domestic and international markets with its contribution to the employment and environment provided to the region today. Continuing to follow the developing technology in the world, Ayancık Ahşap has become a well-established enterprise that continues its innovative and dynamic steps in the wood industry with respect to nature. Ayancık Ahşap, which brings together 80 years of experience with European engineers with the most modern techniques with Finger Joint technology, makes Stylewood's natural wood furniture production the best with its raw material value of Black Sea forests.

100% natural, 100% healthy products suitable for pregnant and babies ...