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Health from Nature

100% suitable for baby and maternity health, not subjected to any chemistry during the production phase

100% Natural Wood

With our completely massive and natural wood products; greatness, quality and wellness.

Every Stage Reliable Designs

Natural wooden products that are made with antibacterial water-based paint and varnish, considering your health.

Why Wood?

It is natural and healthy. There is no carcinogenic effect on other materials. All products used in the installation of wood products are also natural. For this reason, you can choose comfortably in your baby's room both during pregnancy and after.

It has been proven that wood has a positive effect on human effect physiologically and psychologically. Touching the wood that creates a sense of comfort at certain levels, or even seeing, gives people a sense of happiness and relaxation.

It is a perfect choice due to its insulating structure in addition to its non-bacterial structure. Thanks to this structure, the wood does not feel hot or cold. Due to electrostatic charge retention of plastic and its alternatives, it does not feel the natural effects of the wood.

It can be used easily in many different colors and designs in home, office and outdoor areas.

Wood means art. Processing wood is a much more laborious, labor-intensive process than other alternatives. Shaping a life that comes from nature in comparison to ordinary materials requires above all the love of wood and the sensitivity of the artist.

Ayancık Wood, our parent company, is an important value recognized in the domestic and foreign markets with its employment and contribution to the environment since its establishment. Ayancık Ahşap, which constantly follows the developing technology in the world, has become a deep-rooted enterprise which continues its innovative and dynamic steps in the wood sector with respect to nature. Combining 80 years of experience with Finger Joint technology in its factories equipped with the most modern techniques by European engineers, Ayancık Ahşap provides the best quality of Stylewood's natural wood furniture production with raw material value of Black Sea forests.


Cana Baby Room Furniture

Stylewood Cana Baby Room is colored with matching white and honey colors.

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Carpati Baby Room

The Carpati Baby Room is designed for little princesses. Daisy handles in the model will decorate their inner world.

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Ilgaz Bambino Baby Room

If you prefer classic wooden furniture for your baby, Ilgaz Bambino Baby Room is the product for you.

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Cinderella Baby Room

Cinderella's Baby Room brings positive energy to your baby's living space with its products with different colors and soft lines.

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Stylewood, in 2003, 6,000 m² indoor area 10.000 m² area on Turkish-German has been established. Ayancık Ahşap's 80 years of experience combining the production of natural wood furniture, our brand, world trend trends to follow, reveals quality and modern products. Our brand of all wood raw materials You need Ayancık factory to install medium; Ayancık has the most potential potential spruce, pine and beech trees from German natural forests utilizes ...